Why Lunch May Be the Most Important Part of a Proposal Professional’s Day

Recently, David Winograd wrote an article for HuffPost Business about the 10 things super successful people do during lunch. He argues that lunch breaks can be very important and creative times for people who spend their days at a desk or in front of a computer screen.

According to a recent survey, just 19 percent of employees in the United States take lunch breaks away from their desks. Winograd argues that this is unfortunate and contradicts the lunch habits of super successful people. I will apply his habits to proposal professionals and add a few of my own.

These are the eight things all proposal professionals should during lunch:
Leave your desk. If you do not take your lunch hour, you are contributing five free hours a week to your employer and lowering your salary considerably.
Go outside. Sunlight and fresh air will rejuvenate you and make you more energetic and clear-minded.
Exercise. Walking or jogging during lunch will make you more relaxed, attentive, and healthy.
Eat healthy foods. Grazing at the desk promotes bad food habits and the consumption of snacks and processed foods. You are likely to eat more healthy foods if you are not staring at a computer screen.
Meet friends and colleagues. Using lunch to maintain relationships and build new ones will make you healthy and happier and probably extend your life.
Meet potential business partners. Sharing food and informal conversation is a very effective way to conduct business.
Listen to music. Listening to music reduces stress levels and promotes relaxation. Avoid music that sounds like it is doing the opposite.
Read. Reading interesting, provocative, and thoughtful articles and books will stimulate your mind while providing a welcome respite from your computer and office responsibilities.

It may not be possible to leave your desk to do these things every day, but even several days a week are better than nothing. When you sit at your desk to eat lunch, you are worsening your health and contributing over 100 hours of uncompensated work annually to your employer.

That is bad for you and ultimately bad for your employer. Leave your desk to have lunch. You will be doing everyone a big favor.

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