Are Your Dreams about Proposals Good or Bad?

According to Kelly Bulkeley, a dream researcher, many people are “plagued by bad dreams about work.” These dreams, which are both comic and frightening, offer a fascinating window into the ways our unconscious processes our work experiences at night. What kinds of dreams do you have about proposals?

For example, a 62-year-old woman from Illinois dreamed that a computer was chasing her and shouting “program me!”

A 30-year-old woman who works at a school dreamed that “giant staplers were chasing me down the hall” at her school.

And a 64-year-old man from Minnesota who had recently lost his job dreamed that he went back to his office but found that it had become a storehouse for used furniture.

For an archive of work-related dreams from around the country, visit http//

As we know, there are many theories about why we dream from the ancient Greeks through Freud to the present. However much they may differ, all of them are in agreement that dreams often reflect people’s deepest waking concerns. Whatever worries us during the day is likely to appear in literal or distorted form at night while we sleep.

Most of our dreaming occurs during rapid eye movement (REM) sleep when the brain becomes very associative and unusual connections begin appearing among ideas, feelings, memories, and often distorted descriptions of the day’s work, such as computers that demand to be programmed and animated staplers that attack people. If it is true that specific jobs or professions are likely to have distinctive kinds of dreams, perhaps these dreams might be representative of proposal professionals:

• A person walks into a conference room every morning only to find that all the storyboards have fallen off the wall and cannot be put back in order.
• Late at night, every copier malfunctions, causing the proposal to be delivered after the submission deadline.
• One night while you are working very late on a compliance matrix, bloodied zombies resembling your proposal team break down the door to your office and begin devouring you.

What kind of dreams do you have about proposal development? Try to remember them in the morning. They may provide you with comic relief or with insight into how you really feel about your daily work.

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