Doing a Grant Proposal? There’s an App for That (Part I)!

In the most recent issue of Proposal Management (Spring/Summer 2011), Beth Wingate, Managing Director of the Lohfeld Consulting Group, provided proposal professionals with a detailed description of her favorite apps on the new Apple iPad (64GB, 3G) that they can use in proposal development.  Her list is directed at corporate proposals, but nonprofit professionals also can profitably use them.

While iPad apps do not run on PCs, many PC-based applications are being turned into apps, as the list below indicates.

Below are apps that I think will especially help at all stages in the proposal development process from conceptualization through proposal delivery.  My list will be continued in subsequent blog articles.


Billion Dollar Graphics (

This is a library of visuals with many different graphic types.

Gantt Project (

This is a desk-top tool for project scheduling and management.

Google Earth (

This lets you view satellite imagery for screen shots in your proposals.

Screen Capture

Snaglt 10 (

This app enables you to capture any screen shot and then edit it.

Snipping Tool (this app already is on your PC)

This app captures screen images for use in documents and presentations.

Mind Mapping

Freemind (

This app enables you to create mind maps – graphical representations of words, ideas, and concepts organized around a central idea.

Mind Manager (

This app enables you to display information in a mind map construct.

For updates on Ms. Wingate’s list of apps, visit

These programs and tools are becoming more widely available and widely used in proposal development.  While most of them are free, some require a fee to download.

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